Dynamic and Secure Web Hosting

MeteorByte will host your professional website with competitive pricing. Why our web hosting?
  • Amazon Web Services backbone
  • Stability and Uptime
  • Reliability and Scalability in the cloud
  • Combine with our MeteorSyte Web Page Serivce for a comlete package

$149 standard

$199 with SSL


With our Amazon Web Service backbone, you take advantage of a scalable, reliable, and secure global computing infrastructure that has been refined to give you the performance you need. If it is good enough for NASA and Netflix, don’t you think it going to work for you? Not to mention that it is affordable but it is stable and maintains uptime. MeteorByte Hosting is always ready to serve your website uptime 24/7.

Top Performance

Using AWS tools, Auto Scaling, and Elastic Load Balancing, MeteorByte can scale up or down based on demand. Backed by Amazon’s massive infrastructure, MeteorByte has access to compute and storage resources when you need them. This means when you are getting heavy traffic on your website, our hosting will be able to deliver without compromising


AWS utilizes an end-to-end approach to secure and harden our infrastructure, including physical, operational, and software measures.


You can use the programming languages, architectures, operating systems and databases you are familiar with. In this manner, there won’t be any need for your IT personnel to pick up new skills. Of course MeteorByte offers to manage that for you as part of our solution